Super SU-22

 Super Su 22 is a three-way cross hybrid of sorghum, sorgo and Sudan grass. Small seeded, with approximately 44000 to 48000 seed/KG, Super Su 22 has a fast growing leafy, upright plant with small stems and broad leaves that make it palatable and easy to harvest.

Super Su 22 has excellent re-growth after cutting or grazing. This Varity has good drought tolerance and recovers quickly after moisture is received. Super Su 22 has been used in potato crop rotation to reduce nematode infestation.

Plant Super Su 22 when soil temperatures reach 15 deg C. (60 deg F), in a well prepared and fertilized seedbed for maximum plant survival. This variety’s small seed allows for high plant populations with normal seeding rates. Super Su 22 may be planted in rows or broadcast depending on the use of the forage, bur rows are sometimes preferred for grazing to prevent walk down, while broadcast plantings are usually better for hay or silage. For maximum nutritional value and palatability in hay or silage, cut Super Su 22 when plants reach three feet or more, but before the boot stage. Six to eight inches of stubble should be left for good re-growth. A top dressing of nitrogen after cutting or grazing will enhance re-growth yields and nutrition.
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